Life under a piano

Everyone always says “You only live once”

I have this apple and a snake that tells me to eat.

I was raised to always do the right thing.

But….. what if this one time I want to listen to the snake instead?

What would you do?

I don’t understand how that made my heart beat three times faster and made me jumpy for a while……. why is this happening to me?

It’s forbidden. So, why me??


people say i look different without my glasses but i dont see it

I just read parts of old posts.. Everything used to be so simple. Now my mind is a constant chaos.

I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life right now.

I just hope to find myself soon.

I’m not sure if this is really what I want.

And there I’m referring to all aspects of my life: career, school, personal life.

This is really not what I’m looking for. But what I’m looking for is simply not coming, so what am I supposed to do?

Wait forever?

And what about the fooling around? It makes me feel so excited at the moment, like I need more. It’s a state of ecstasy. I feel how everything moves inside of me, that adrenaline rush that I’ve been looking for. But it is not coming from the right place, or from the right person… I should say… It also feels SO wrong. And I don’t like the dishonesty. I don’t want it to stop. But it must.

Drawing by Emma Sheckler.
I had to take a screenshot of this and post it here

Drawing by Emma Sheckler.
I had to take a screenshot of this and post it here

What am I supposed to do?

Just let it be. You may as well. Everything moves in and out at its own time. You have no control. You never did, you never will.
Byron Katie (via virgintongues)
When words are no use, thoughts are no use, and the imagination won’t imagine anything anymore, all that’s left is music.
Wiesław Myśliwski (via themostballerdeathofalltime)


is it just me or do you think it’d be helpful if they showed a model in the size you were looking for when you’re trying to shop online, like yes that looks great in size small but what about the other sizes 

Sexual tension almost has a smell to it

The human body is literally a pool of energy. Our feelings inside emit out like high frequency vibrations outside. When we feels a strong under current of “sexual” attraction towards someone, we are bound to emit this forceful energy when in the company of this person. You can sense it quite easily if you are receptive to it.

Also, who doesn’t love deep eye contact with that person we are attracted to?. It gives us a high to imagine what the other is thinking behind those eyes.

(Not Loathing)

What is this feeling,
So sudden and new?

My pulse is rushing,
My head is reeling,
My face is flushing,
What is this feeling?
Fervid as a flame,
Does it have a name?

Makes my very flesh begin to crawl

I hear nothing but that damn tick-tock inside my head…..why……

Why is it that us, humans, want what we cannot have?

Even if it’s mutual

It is never going to happen

It would cause too much damage

And I know karma is a bitch
You just don’t mess with it
Or it will kick your ass
Nice and hard


a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle