Life under a piano
I can’t feel more identified with this image

I can’t feel more identified with this image

We should be models

We should be models

Blue Spring.
Ocala, FL

Blue Spring.
Ocala, FL

Tell me you missed me. Tell me I’m your man.

I didn’t make that stupid mistake because I know better…. although I wanred to, there was too much at risk, so I couldn’t…

My First Week Of Class

School started on Monday. It’s been a pretty good week so far, my classes are good, teachers are also good. I’m working my two jobs and I’m working out again which feels great.

The last two semesters were so rough and stressful that now I’ve decided to take a breath and fewer classes. Mainly for my own health. The classes I’m taking are pretty easy and without much homework except for Music Theory V (Form & Analysis) where the teacher will make us write papers every week, and also my Junior Recital.

My first class begins at 10am every day so I get to NWSA at 7am to practice for a couple of hours, then I go to class and from there I head to work until 6pm, then I go back to school to use the gym and work out for 60-90 minutes, shower, and go home. I’m taking Conducting, Theory V, Midi, Jr. Recital, Piano Lessons and finally Chamber Ensemble.

I felt very tired by Thursday but luckily, instrumentalists at NWSA don’t have to go on Fridays to school, only the opera singers, so I get to sleep two more hours and I only work 9-5.

Work has been a little slow, with not much to do…but I try keep myself busy anyway and do stuff around the showroom.

The gym is awesome. I’ve already made a couple of friends who also help me when I don’t know how to use a machine or help me out with the exercises. I’m sore everywhere. But I feel really good. I’m weight lifting for about an hour and then I run-walk on incline usually for 15 minutes. Or like the other day that I ran 25 minutes and then did bicep/triceps.

I haven’t felt stressed which is great. So far things are looking good. I’m finally finding my balance between work and school, studying hard and working 20 hours a week. I have a feeling this will be a good semester :)

Lady MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and fuck off

Kisses of wine and cigarettes

Tick tock

Tick tock


Pórtate mal. Es la única manera de divertirse
Take a shower,
Wash away the bad thoughts,
Cleanse your body,
Put on some relaxing music,
Get in to bed,
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Zodiac Mood Cycle
♈ Aries: With their outstanding energy surges, Arians feel emotions with ultra intensity. They have an exaggerated sense of joy and impulse; than an exaggerated sense of rage and impatience. The Arian mood changes often. This can cause random outbursts and impulsive behaviors before the reaction is completely forgotten. Aries are are naturally hyper sign.
♉ Taurus: Taurus is one of the zodiac's most emotionally stable signs. Their moods tend to stay neutralised and consistent. When provoked, Taureans can get defensive, or when experiencing many forms of instability; they may become irritable or even easily enraged.
♊ Gemini: Gemini experiences mood swings with their 'personality' shifts. The changeable Gemini experiences many different personas in a day, each responding to the world with their own values, mannerisms and mood. The emotional state of a Gemini changes frequently, and they rarely remain in a 'melancholy' or 'introspective' mood for long. Nerves and anxiety are frequent.
♋ Cancer: Cancerians experience some of the most intense mood swings of the whole zodiac. Being ruled by the Moon, they are at hostage to her lunar cycle and her waxing and waning is the compass for their mood. Cancerians can feel an exaggerated sense of both joy when they have a sense of security, and melancholy; requiring a certain amount of introspection to attenuate.
♌ Leo: Leo's experience an exaggerated sense of both euphoria and melancholy. Everything in the world of Leo is larger than life and they are prone to random outbursts; with arbitrary triggers. A sense of theatrics in the Leo often leads to dramatic displays of emotion, especially when they are critiqued. Leo are easily frustrated with themselves; thanks to their inner critical voices.
♍ Virgo: While Virgo may experience fluctuations in mood, it would be rare for them to display it. Instead, the Virgo will repress the emotion, which can manifest in them needing a sense of order, and nerves and anxiety. The innate reflex to worry and their negative inner voices can cause mood changes, irritability and nervous tension. They tend to isolate themselves in their own bubble and reject the whole world
♎ Libra: Although Libra seeks a lifestyle of tranquility, when they are out of equilibrium their mood swings can be intense. Librans are prone to random outbursts of rage (relating largely to repressed emotions) and become agitated about events that cause little response the day after. A frustrated Libra can be spiteful and vacillating.
♏ Scorpio: Scorpio experience some of the zodiac's most intense mood swings. Scorpio experiences periods of joyous euphoria and devastating melancholy. When in a low mood, Scorpio is prone to extremely dark thoughts, paranoia and introspection; on the contrary, a happy Scorpio is tremendously loving, curious, energetic and prone to delusions of grandeur.
♐ Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a naturally energetic sign who tend to experience joy and exhilaration over gloom. They usually surprise themselves with their intense emotions, but would never intend to show them. With all their energy and restlessness, Sagittarius are prone to anxiety, stress and self deception during dark periods
♑ Capricorn: The Capricorn aura is geared more toward melancholy than any other sign. Although they may have a stoic and calm expression; the inner Capricorn is often racked with nerves, anxiety and an impending sense of doom. Pronounced 'over thinkers'; Capricorn can literally 'think' themselves into a depression
♒ Aquarius: Aquarius receive the air sign mood volatility; but their moods are so hard to analyse because they are so unpredictable. What sets of a response in Aquarius one day; may not worry them the next. Although detached by nature, Aquarius still have changeable emotions and racing thoughts which can take introspection to attenuate. It can take months for anger or agitation to build up in the Aquarian
♓ Pisces: Pisceans are vulnerable to a both exaggerated sense of joy and melancholy as a result of their porous absorption in the collective unconscious. People born under this sign are also susceptible to nerves and anxiety thanks to their inner critic. The external moods, vibrations and whims of others is also absorbed by the Piscean; who may experience inorganic streams of emotions.

I want that one specific moment in my life to happen again but this time I want it to be unforgettable because of how great it was, not because of how disappointed I felt..